• What is the deal with BDSM? Posted on: 20-05-2017

    BDSM is everywhere Indeed it is and it seems like BDSM has become something of a norm nowadays. I could never understand how people manage to find pleasure in pain. Now, this technique does not necessarily imply pain, you know? When talking about bondage, for instance, the inciting part is where your moves are constricted and you have no control over what is going on. Not necessarily any pain involved here, at least not in most of the

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  • Do we like cheating? Posted on: 21-03-2017

    We are in love with all the asses We are talking about men, obviously. It is funny, because if you think about it, almost most men, if not all, are being haunted by this idea around the clock. It does not matter how much you love your woman, a beautiful girl will always make you turn your head on the street. It does not necessarily mean that all men cheat or that all of them would do it. It only means that we all share the same fantasy

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  • How do you know if she wants to fuck you? Posted on: 15-02-2017

    To ask or not to ask? You know, I have always had this dilemma when I was younger. While I was a bit more civilized and well educated in regard to conversing with a girl, some of my friends were the exact opposite. We have all had those idiotic friends who would just plain and simple ask a girl for sex just like that. Like it was something quite normal, much like asking how her morning went.

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